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Overcoming Nasal Congestion and Allergies

Without stability of the breath it’s nearly impossible to achieve stability of the mind. If you don’t believe me, try doing naam abhyaas while keeping your breathing shallow and uneven.  Many are forced to deal with nasal congestion from myriad possible causes in this  toxic world.

Along with the following suggestions, remember to keep up naam abhyaas. The increased energy that flows through the body will help open up clogged energy channels and also detoxify the body. As always, dass suggests to do nishkaam abhyaas (without worldly desires). All the above happens automatically. If you find it difficult to always jap naam, then jap naam internally, while having gareebi nitnem (track 34-36) constantly playing on your ipod. There is great khich from this uchaaran that I find helps alleviate my nasal congestion.

The following suggestions may help in decreasing or even curing your suffering:

  1. Use pressure points to help flush the sinuses. Rub them in a circular motion 10 times, and then 10 times again after 10 minutes just to be sure the sinuses have flushed. Too much pressure is not needed, there should be no pain.For more, see mind-energy.net
  2. Exercise. It flushes lymph and gets the blood flowing.
  3. Smile. Or envision an inner smile, as if your heart is smiling out. I find it helps energy flow.
  4. Use the neti pot regularly, especially during allergy season or when you are exposed to irritants. I use it even on days when I feel that I don’t need it to keep the sinuses flushed out. . It really helps with congestion. If you make a habit of using this after being around people who are ill, you’ll get sick less often because you’ll flush out all the germs! I’ve heard using sea salt is better than table salts, we really don’t want extra chemicals up our nose. A more advanced method that you don’t need a neti pot for is to block one nostril, suck up the saline water with the other, and spit it out the mouth. It takes a few tries to get used to this, but it is the superior method. Otherwise, just tilt the head and pour the water down one nostril with the neti pot. Do some fast deep breathing to get rid of excess water from the nose afterwards.  Use from 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per 8 oz. cup of warm water.
  5. If it gets really bad, just sip a teaspoon or so of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth afterwards b/c you don’t want to leave such an acidic product on your teeth.
  6. Regular pranayam helps immensely. I don’t know which method is best, try different ones and feel free to let me know which worked best for you. There’s the breath of fire and kabalphati, and the 9 step bottled wind pranayam. Regular pranayam can actually cure the diseases and restore a person to full health, but it takes serious and regular practice. A work colleague of mothers was told she had only a few months to live. She began determined practice of pranayam and all of her illnesses reversed themselves. Now, at the age of 95, she moves with far greater energy than much younger women!
  7. Homeopathic medicine also can cure it. Allergies can have different causes, some people get allergies due to an overload of toxins. It’s the liver’s job to detoxify the body, when it gets overloaded these toxins cause allergies. So naturopaths recommend a colon cleanse, followed by a liver cleanse may be able to reverse this.  The colon cleanse needs to come first otherwise the liver will be continually detoxifying junk from the colon that should have been put out of the body! Triphala can be found in most Indian stores for the colon. Usana’s Hepa Plus is a great liver detoxifier. So are products containing quercetin (most effective of the three for me), pau d’arco, or milk thistle.  I’ll leave it to you to research other ways to do this as I’m not aware of them all. Some do liver and gallbladder flushes, such as the one below.
  8. I highly recommend Dr. Schulze’s Liver Cleanse. This helped me an incredible amount, more than anything else. The herbs in these products are much more powerful than those used in most natural products.
  9. Some use over the counter allergy drugs during the allergy season to keep symptoms in check. They don’t solve the problem but at least they allow people to function. It’s important to cycle these every month or else they lose effectiveness.
  10. There are vidhian (techniques) to resolve long term health ailments in Sharda Pooran Granth. You can download it from http://www.scribd.com/khojee-wordpress-com. Let me know if you need a translation.
  11. There are all sorts of helpful supplements. Stinging Nettle helps some people, but only if you get a good name brand. Poor name brands are often worthless. Just keep researching as there will likely be new supplements popping up from time to time. Since no one is willing to pay for a scientific study on these, the best way to evaluate their effectiveness is to test them on someone you know or to look to a trusted source to see if they have tested them. Pau d’Arco is also an effective supplement.
  12. Eliminate or reduce all suger, milk, and grain products  (more refined grains are worse). This will give huge relief and reduce resha (mucous) which blocks breathing.
  13. Eat more fruits and veggies. I find bitter greens like bitter melon (karella) very helpful. When the body is in a more alkaline state, allergies have less of an effect on us, inflammation is reduced, and our overall health is much better. For sample diets see Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live.
  14. Also, find out what you are allergic to. What time of day are those pollens most active? That’s the best time to stay inside.
  15. Fix your posture. Slouching or excessive chest breathing may make breathing more difficult. Additionally, maintaining a straight spine during meditation helps keep breathing clear and easy, it also allows energy to easily flow within the body. Maintaining a straight spine during the day can also help keep breathing clear, both for mechanical and energy reasons. This is one of the biggest helps when nothing else works.
  16. For deeper information on this and other health issues, read Bhagat ji’s Health pothi.

I have tried all of the above, and can affirm to you that they work. The only thing I haven’t done is use a viddhi from Sharda Pooran granth or from Mukt Marag granth as my allergies are not that bad anymore. However, from past experience, the viddhis do work and have cured dass’s severe insomnia.

edited: added  a point.