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Jagdi Jyot: How Guru Granth Sahib Ji embodies the spirit of the Gurus

How are we supposed to regard all the Gurus as being one and the same?
The following account should elucidate this concept.

One day, after completing his Nitnem, Baba Harnam Singh Ji (Rampur Khera) went to pray and pay his respects to Guru Ji, when a question arose in his mind,
“How is it that Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji embodies the spirit of the ten Guru’s?”
With this thought in mind Baba Ji bowed to Guru Ji, paid obeisance, got
up and pronounced Gur-Fateh. As he did so, he looked up to Sri Guru
Granth Sahib Ji and saw the intensely radiant forms of the ten Guru’s
arising out of the palanquin. The room was filled with radiant,
incandescent light. His eyes were finding it difficult to bear the intense
brightness of the light. A few seconds later, the radiant forms of the
Guru’s appeared to transform into one bright, radiant, glowing light and
one by one merged into the body of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Then the
forms of the Guru’s would reappear one by one out of the body of the
true Guru. This transformation of the ten Guru’s from and into the body
of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji happened three times. Now all that Baba Ji
could perceive was this glowing radiant light around Sri Guru Granth
Sahib Ji that was spreading into the rest of the room. Baba Ji thanked
the Almighty and felt that this miracle was performed by God to answer
his question. In Baba Ji’s mind there was deep contentment and faith
God the embodiment of light has caused
Himself to be called Guru Nanak
From him Angad dev became the Guru
Whom he forthwith united with the Lord
Showering his benediction
Angad dev established Amar Das as the true Guru
Amar Dass has blessed Guru Ram Das Ji with the ambrosial
Says Mathura, seeing the vision of Guru Ram Das
Nectar sweet became the speech of Arjun Dev
With these eyes, see the embodiment
Of the approved disciple Arjun dev, the fifth Guru.
jot roop har aap guroo naanak kahaa-ya-o.
taa tay angad bha-ya-o tat si-o tat milaa-ya-o.
angad kirpaa Dhaar amar satgur thir kee-a-o.
amardaas amrat chhatar gur raameh dee-a-o.
gur raamdaas darsan paras kahi mathuraa amrit ba-yan.
moorat panch parmaan purakh gur arjun pikhahu na-yan.
(Swaiyas 5th Guru, page 1408)
The divine light, which manifested within the body of Guru Nanak
Dev Ji then passed through each of the ten Guru’s. The same divine
light passed into and is now seated in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is only
our vision that is distorted and clouded, unable to see this reality. This is
the reason we meditate on naam, so that the grime of sin is washed
from our eyes and the illusion of doubt is banished from within us.
the Almighty remove this doubt that makes us perceive the Gurus and
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as separate entities, when, in fact, they are one
and the same divine light. May we too, recognise this divine light as the
living embodiment of the Almighty Lord. May we get guidance from
the living Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The tenth master Guru Gobind
Singh Ji tells us…
All know the Lord in his different forms
The rare one recognizes him as one
The one who knows this is the blessed one.
Bhinn bhinn roop subhhoo kur jaanaa
Eyk roop kinhoo pehchaanaa
(Bachittar Natak 10th Guru Dasam Granth)
Baba Ji spent a considerable time enjoying the divine miracle that
had just occurred. He then read a hukamnama from Sri Guru Granth
Sahib Ji. After bowing and paying his respects to the true Guru, he
returned to his room to immerse himself in meditation of naam,
overflowing with bliss at witnessing the miracle.
-from the book ‘Se Kinehya‘ written by Baba Sewa Singh ji.