Sant Gurbachan Singh ji’s Diwali Bachan

On the night of Diwali at 1 am many devi devtay do ishnaan in the sarovar at Sri Harmandir Sahib. Only God knows how many bhagats, rishis, munis do tapp that day with greater efforts than other days. Das only knows that he has been told that Sant Gurbachan Singh ji bhindrenwale gave bachan that this day is considered special and that devtay do ishnaan at 1 am  every Diwali.

Those who do kamai of whatever shabad that feels appropriate to get their iccha (desires) pooran (complete), will have that happen so long as they keep full sharda. Do abhyaas of whatever shabad seems appropriate from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am and do ardass for Guru Maharaj to fulilll your icha. If Maharaj does kirpa then you’ll get it.


13 responses to “Sant Gurbachan Singh ji’s Diwali Bachan

  1. vah!

    thank u thank u!

    Mahraj di kirpa im gonna be in Amritsar on Diwali!

    Bina Santokh Nehee ko-oo rajay!

    • waheguru ji, I have sharda anyone anywhere can do the kamai and take advantage of the bachan, Maharaj di kirpa nal!!

      lucky you!!!

  2. Sat bachan Sadhoo Updesh

    Icha Poorakh Sarab Sukh Daata

    hamarai ekhay haree haree avar aan sijhaan na karee!

  3. gurvinder singh

    can there is anybody who have completed his shabad and fulfill his desire

  4. Sat Sri Akal veere.

    Any person wanting to attempt this viddi would they start thier jaap at 8:30pm the night preceding divali or on the actual day of divali? This year divali is on 3rd nov so would you start your jaap at 830pm on the 2nd and finish at 1:30am of the 3rd or start at 8:30 on the 3rd and finish at 130am on the 4th?

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    Sant Gurbachan Singh ji’s Diwali Bachan

  6. bro i live in canada shall i start reciting shabad 8:30pm acc. to canadian time or indian time(on previous night of diwali)???

    and will it give fall to me or its only for those who will be at golden temple on divali??

    • I don’t know about the time.

      I think a person’s sharda and the kirpa Maharaj gives them is what determines the answer to your second question. As your surti grows in power then you can be at Harimandir sahib in an instant despite your body being in Canada.

  7. I dont meant to hurt anyine but spreading truth is also a duty… could a particular day be more auspicious than the other when alll the days are created by Him. Any second spend in His memory is auspicious- be it on diwali or any other day. If simran is done for fulfillment of desires or selfish motives, what is the purpose of simran?

    • Everybody comes to the path of dharm for different reasons. In most cases, people come to dharm b/c they are filled with dukh (pain) and want sukh (happiness). They begin meditation for worldly reasons and their desires begin to be fulfilled over time and their pain usually subsides as well. At this point, most seekers usually realize that the worldly things do not fulfill them and start asking for God or something similar. So it’s just a matter of people being at different stages of understanding.

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