Gain Extra Naam Kamai in Magh

A gupt sadhu has told me that anyone who does simran (meditation) or seva (selfless service) will get 84 times the kamai (benefit) during the month of Magh. Magh begins on the 13th of this month. Please share with those you know.


As for maryada, all I know is that we should do kesh ishnaan at Amritvela everyday and try to be consistent with doing kamai and Maharaj ji’s darshan (if possible) everyday.

6 responses to “Gain Extra Naam Kamai in Magh

  1. Beant pyaar singha dasan layi…

  2. Magh begins from 13 and will end when?
    So simran should be done everyday?
    Any specific considerations on the time.duration etc?

  3. It ends the next month I think on sangran’d feb 13/14.

  4. Do you listen to Sadhu? Oh my god. “Padhe like anpadh” is all I can say for you. I thought sikhs are supposed to be practical and listen to none other than Guru Sahb.

    • Actually, I have two post-secondary degrees from an ivy league university.

      Gurmat is a garden. If there are not occasionally an fruits from a garden, then it is barren. The realized human beings are the fruits of this garden, and Guru Granth Sahib ji encourages us to learn from them. See the series of posts on the role of sants in the Sikh dharm here:

      Unfortunately many have promoted propaganda against sants b/c they would rather listen to their own manmat than their Guru’s Mat. But Bani promotes both promotes the concept of sants existing and the idea that we are meant to take guidance from them.

  5. BUT…we got to be careful and know the right sant. Today, as has been always, we need to focus on sri guru granth sahib, and if we meet a kamaii wala sadhu sant, even a gurmukh, THAT IS excellent sangat as they further unite us with sri guru granth sahib and give us deeper katha on gurbani. But these are very few and rare

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