Important Divali and Pooranmashi update!

I refer sangat to Sant Gurbachan Singh ji’s bachan on how to fulfill any icha that you may have by folllowing a particular viddhi on Divali. There is also the opportunity to have darshan of all the devi devtay as they do ishnaan in the sarover at Harimandir Sahib.

Secondly, Baba Nand Singh ji gave bachan that those who do Amritvela on Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Prakash Diharra on pooranmashi can gain the phall of one year of Amritvela!

Please forward to those you know so they can be helped by this as well.


14 responses to “Important Divali and Pooranmashi update!

  1. Thanks to give all these type shabad which is increase my faith in sikhism.

    • You can do abhyaas of any shabad that you want. If you are looking for a shabad for a particular purpose, check out sharda pooran granth or mukat marag granth. Sharda pooran granth is available from Khojee’s scribd account (the link is on the right hand side of the page). Mukt Marag is probably available from PJS’s scribd account.
      Also, the best formula for increasing faith, imo, is REGULAR sangat of sharda wale Gursikhs and reading of sakhian about the Gurus and their sants.

  2. gurvinder singh

    i have tried jap of moolmantra 125000 in 40 days and completed but felt in great trouble. 2nd time i do it again but not in 40 days and again got in heavy trouble.please help me what should know

    • Vir ji, I highly recommend you talk to a Mahapursh. Their asra is important when doing serious bhagti. Also, when we do serious kamai sometimes our karmic blocks come up to hinder us. you can look at it as a test. If you don’t know of any sants in your area just let me know your city and I’ll let you know if there are some in the area. Otherwise you can ask on i’m sure someone will know.

      • gurvinder sood

        i gurvinder singh from amritsar,punjab have also asked to guru iqbal singh about all this but don’t get satisfied answer

      • gurvinder sood

        i am 37 yrs old and have given the test number of times but at every attempt i face heavy loss either. i own’s a family so i also have to look after them but the way all the things are going on it diminshes my faith in religion.

      • Who is Guru Iqbal Singh? Do you mean Bhai Guriqbal Singh?? I don’t know him, he seems like a very good pracharak. But there is a difference between a pracharak and a mahapursh. Perhaps you will find the answers you seek there.

        As for this test that you mention, how far we can go in the worldly life is written by our past life karams. If it is not meant to be, then no amount of effort will change it. In that case, only simran seva sadhsangat or the blessings of an enlightened soul can change things for you. But you don’t know if it’s in your karams or not unless you really go for it.

        Have you tried studying using better study methods? Have you tried to optimise your memory and make your mind quicker by eating a proper diet that supplies all of the nutrients you need? Did you ensure your mind is at its sharpest by doing regular exercise? Let me know if you need any specifics.

        While Bani will make your karam better so that you may reach your worldly goals as well, please don’t forget the spiritual. Doing paath nishkaam (wihtout desire) will give you greater spiritual benefit and will also help you in the world as well.

        There is also a need for a great AMOUNT of kamai. Frequently I find people do relatively small amounts of kamai but want big things. Just to save up enough to buy a sports car a person needs to work for many years. So why can they get everything they want with just a small amount of paath?? Go to sadhsangat regularly, the amount of kamai you get from sadhsangat, especially in amritvela, is more than you would get if alone.

      • gurvinder singh

        so what should i do in order to get forward in my life and to remove obstacles in my life

      • Follow the instructions in the post and in my comments. Also, try to make a plan and move forward in life the best you can. change the plan if the need arises. keep on moving towards your goal.

      • gurvinder singh

        i regular goes to guru ka mehal the birth place of guru tej bahadur sahib ji and do sewa there and also goes to the gurudwara of baab deep singh ji “sahida sahib” as it is 100 meters from my y house and do the the paath it is sufficient or i have to go to golden temple.

      • Sorry for the delay in responding. Guru Granth Sahib ji is prakash at all of these asthans. My advice is to throw yourself into Bani. Truly begin doing more kamai with sangat, really focus on it. I believe you will see great changes in your life. But you must be patient and really focus on naam bani and seva.

  3. gurvinder singh

    i have taken and adopt the same method from srarda puran grant but result to whom i get proper guiadance .i aslo want to meet the person

  4. gurvinder singh

    is baba deep singh ji or guru teg bahadur ji or golden temple is the way to get the blessings from enlightened soul.

    • i don’t know what you are saying here, it makes no sense to me.

      but doing seva at the golden temple is a way to get great blessings. and as for blessings from an enlightened soul, i was referring to the sants who do katha at the various gurdwaras. go and do benti to them for help.

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