How to choose a good career

There are a few things necessary for a proper career:

  1. Honesty – there should be nothing in this career that goes against Gurmat. Nothing that causes pain to your conscience.
  2. It pays the bills – no worries about money.
  3. Satisfying-  it doesn’t need to be perfect, but you should feel at least somewhat satisfied with it. You shouldn’t dread the thought of having to go to work.
  4. Lifestyle – how much free time do you want to focus on simran and seva? Are you okay with a job that would place great stress upon you and require a lot of extra work in your free time? When people have enough money to not worry about payments, any additional money doesn’t make them any happier. So at this point I would focus on the desired lifestyle more than money. And by lifestyle, I don’t mean the acquiring of things with hefty price tags just because other people have them.

A lot of people aim for careers that they know will be unsatisfying just because they seem safer or more secure. I would avoid that, just go for what you want, because the years of work required will pass by anyways. And make sure that the career is one that you want for yourself, don’t spend the rest of your life trying to appease your parent’s aspirations for you if it’s making you miserable.

I recommend you read this great post and also read my post on study skills.


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