Sampooran Nitnem e-Gutka Sahib – Gurbani & English Translation

A sampooran Nitnem Gutka Sahib with Gurbani and English translation  formatted for ebook readers like the Kindle and Sony ebook readers. It contains Japji, Jaap, Svaye, Chaupai Sahib, Anand Sahib, selected shabads, Full ardass, Full Rehirass Sahib, Rakhya lei Shabad, and Sohila Sahib. Please download and spread it around.

Please Note that there are issues with lagaa matra and padd ched (splitting up of lines). That’s b/c the source for all these banis is the net and besides Bhagat ji’s pothian, it’s almost impossible to find Gurbani gutkas/pothis/websites that don’t have mistakes with lagaa matray and padd chedd.

You may download the Gutka Sahib as well as other Sikhi related files from here:

Please note that there are some padd ched mistakes in this file. As this file is sourced from the internet, it is only as accurate as the rest of the net. Correct padd ched (splitting up of sentences into individual words) can be found in Bhagat ji’s Visraam pothi, downloadable from The  Visraam pothi also includes correct lagaa matray and the bisraams (pauses for pronounciation).

Also, has received massive updates recently. Some English books by Sant Waryam Singh ji have been put up. I highly recomend you read all of his writings if you want to know about some of the deeper stages of spirituality.


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