2012 and Beyond…

The Mayans were known as some of the most accurate astronomers and astrologers in history. Their instruments were nearly as accurate as those available today! The coming end of one of the major cycles of their calendar is causing anxiety for many as they have left the next cycle blank. This implies that what will happen in the future is either unforeseeable, or that it is in our collective hands to a far greater degree than previous phases of human evolution.

The truth, as dass has heard direct from bhramgyani Baba Thakur Singh ji Bhindrenvale, is that humanity is very near a critical turning point in history. An exceptionally difficult time lies ahead of us, and what exactly will happen is not written. However, some events must occur due to the collective karma of humanity. Baba ji told me that WW3 will occur at some point, and it will dwarf both WW1 and 2. It will be a nuclear war. And that a very great number of humans would be wiped out. Perhaps most. There will also be numerous immense environmental changes. All of these events WILL happen in my lifetime, and I’m nearly 30.  Eventually dharm will flourish all over the world. But before that happens, Kaljug will become much much worse.

Even in the short period of time since Baba ji left his sareer I’ve noticed that there is a greater and greater separation between the large minority of truly spiritual minded people and the increasingly callous hearted majority. The acceptability of dharm in the public sphere seems to be decreasing as the wicked hearted dislike seeing what essentially amounts to a mirror for their crooked soul out in public.

Sants have made predictions of a similar nature in the past that didn’t materialise, but this is because they made the mistake of dating their predictions and the time is not set in stone for these events. People around the world praying for peace, as well as mahapurkhs who did not want to see the disasters in their lifetime, used their kamai to push the events back. The more it got pushed back , the less severely catastrophic it became. But Baba ji has told me that it cannot be pushed back too much any more. Both Baba Thakur Singh ji Bhindrenvale and Sant Jawala Singh ji Harkhowal gave a time range that is within my lifetime (and is nearer than you think).

From various reliable sources (Mahapurkha dian sevadaars as well as sau sakhi), I have heard that there will come a time when shaheed singhs will make Bani gupt due to the beadbi (disrespect) of Bani worldwide; when that happens we will only have the bani which is kant (memorised) available to us. Bhramgyanis have said that a time will come when life is so hard that constant Bani abhyaas is required just to survive. It would be wise for to build up our jeevans now, while life is relatively easy.  Please do ardass for dass so that I may overcome my many failings and build up a jeevan worthy of a son of Guru Gobind Singh ji, and so I can fulfill my desire to be a worthy sevadaar of the panth. Baba Thakur Singh ji bhindrenvale has mentioned that there is need of great abhyaas. Singhs have told me that he also said there was need to focus on shastar vidya as well.
The following recordings are of Giani Thakur Singh ji Patiala wale discussing what will happen in the future:

Full katha audio

Full katha audio, alt link

Partial audio, parts discussing the future:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


In the end, while we must make great efforts, all victory is in the hands of the Satguru. Our hopes and fears lie in his hands as well.
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fathe!


15 responses to “2012 and Beyond…

  1. Even with a doomsday forecast, it is important to remain positive and remember that Satguru arranges everything according to His Will and Plan for creation. He planted a seed – His creation. He helps it grow to maturity – with diverse experiences. He WILL reap what He has sown. There is no doubt that in the end His Will and Plan for creation will be fulfilled.

    As individuals we can experience suffering and that is how we learn to appreciate Satguru’s kirpas, right? As the collective of mankind, we also must go through a little suffering for us to better choose our social, religious, economic and political systems.

    There’s no doubt about it! The systems we have in place now are almost totally corrupt. But not because all mankind is corrupt! As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” How many are living like sants, pushing back the time of reckoning out of compassion for humanity in its ignorance, allowing all to adapt and improve at a slower pace?

    The world systems are conducive to competition and disunity because competition is integral to material life. Let’s face facts. We all have to eat living being in order to live. Even yogurt and vegetables are living beings. This material life is designed by Satguru to be competitive. That’s a fact.

    Trust that as we evolve consciousness our physical, vital, mental, supramental and bliss bodies will adapt to allow creation to live cooperatively, in harmony and unity. We can bid farewell to the old systems, knowing that what is to come for creation will be an improvement over what is.

    I am sure there are some who worry about their personal and individual lives, but that too is a part of the existing competitive system – attachment, fear, greed, ignorance. Recognizing that all things are within Satguru and Satguru is within all things, one understands that nothing can be lost or gained, regardless of how forms shift and change over time.

    Creation is the manifestation of the formless Satguru. Those are His sentiments leaping in your heart and His thoughts rising in your mind and those instinctive urges of the body are by His design. If your ego thinks it can control any one of these manifestations of Satguru without the Grace of Satguru it is sorely mistaken. Go ahead, suppress hunger without eating, choose which emotion arises within you, or stop thinking. Can you? If you can’t, who does? Satguru.

    shhaar kee putharee param gath paaee
    As the Puppeteer dresses the puppet, so is the role the puppet plays.
    ~ Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Gauree, p 255

    We may or may not face WW3. This transition isn’t in our hands. Natural phenomenon has purged this and other planets of life many times to allow for a fresh start. The pranic energy of Satguru builds, destroys and builds again until His Will and Plan are fulfilled. Life goes on.

    Let’s try to help each other see the big picture and understand that whatever happens in our personal lives, to collective humanity and to creation as a whole is the ‘emergence of convergence’ for the sake of consciousness evolution. Forms come and go to facilitate our growth in awareness and understanding. With unlimited, unconditional love, Satguru arranges everything according to His Will and Plan for creation. Nirabho. Niravair.

    Sat Sri Akal,

  2. So if the bachans are true of the “mahapurkhs” that have been saying bad times are ahead, then were all done. We cant show compassion for one another now, what might happen when everyones fighting for survival. If Sant Baba Takhur Singh Jee gave bachans of bad times coming, then im pretty sure, were … There are still 1, 2, maybe 3 brahmgyuni’s left on this planet, so we never know. The stories of Baani’s that are still hidden and not discovered yet, diamons(wealth…) soo much could happen, we never know. One thing is for sure. Dont hurt anybody’s feeling, try your best to live with pyar. If someone is soo drenched in love, naam abhyiaas like *Sant Baba Isher Singh Jee, who has brought over 100 000 (mayb over a million) people in Sikhi by taking amrit, whats stopping that from happening again.

    Im too small to be talking about this, but we need to show each other pyar man, thats the only way to succeed. The smallest things could help. Not speeding when your driving, staying in the rehat of the roads. Or not talking smack about anybody (could go a long way)..good and bad.
    Do a extra Chaupai Saab, or Jap Ji Saab while sitting around. Do it while watching tv.

    Just trying to live a simple sikhi lifestyle, were lucky we got brought into Sikhi, but think about all the manmukhs that are lost. All this is coming down on them, pretty much. We do our ardas everyday, personal, and for everybodys well being.
    When i was watching this video, it was shocking. Lol, its not a joke, The Millenium was a buzz, this is something totally different.
    (dont hate, appreciate)

    Just wanted to say a few words.

    Wjkk Wjkf.
    (this is not in any connection to the link below, but the site if full of wonderfull sikhi related downloads(audios/pdf files)


    • I don’t think that the panth begun by Akaal Purakh can be done. But you’re right, as a community we do need to get it together or times will be much harder than they need to be.

  3. All this is sheer BS taken frm various Interntet sources of conspiracy theories mayan myths, lama myths from tibet, lop snag rmapa astral travel etc etc and given a sikh twist…millions buy this BS full time..so why not give it a Sikh twist and get sikhs to buy BS as well (Goha with a dali of butter on it to make it look like sarson da saag). Not even 0.0000000000000000000001% of this is not true but all made up stuff.
    Singh5 of Dasam Granth Bani- truth unveiled.

  4. Waljinder Singh

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    I very much believe what has been posted about 2012 and beyond.
    I am not predicting and neither I am doing any prophecy.. Just a reliable source..
    See, by end of 2012 a new age is beginning. So, what will happen?
    This will cause enlightenment towards Sikhs who are doing naam abhyas and bani da path or from any other religion who performing their duties with utmost care. The rest of the world (most of the population) will experience insanity. Now this will cause riots world wide and WW3 with nukes. Invisible serpent (Shesh Naag) will make things even worse.. (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc). Due to pole shift and Solar Maximum flares, most of the technology of the world is wiped out (No satelite works, electricity transmission fails, etc)
    Solar caps melt due to which almost all small European countries and coastal lines of all the countries are wiped out of the map. An Afghan sect (Taliban?) will invade india and cause lootings and mass massacres. Those who are doing naam simran and path will be saved by super natural powers. However there is good to come afterwards… Khalsa Raj…. Everyone (survivors) will take khande ki pahul and thousands of years of Peace will be there!!!


    • I’m not sure about every single thing that you said. However, the future time will be a very difficult time for Khalsa. And for the entire world…
      But you’re right, naam abhyaas is needed.

  5. When is the sikh time rang for all of this!

    • No set time, as events change and get pushed back. There is a limit to how much they can be pushed back. Baba Thakur Singh ji bhindrenvale told me that we will see many world changes in my lifetime like the ones in this post.

      • Jaanbaaz Singh

        May guru ji bless all of us sikhs or non -sikhs, nanak naam chardikala tere bhaneh sarbatt da bhala. And may guru ji protect us from the 5 demons so we can make spiritual progression. I do no we are moving from the age of pices wich is about self interst to the age of aquarius which is about the collective. If sikh raj is to come it must be after this period of awakening so that we may be enlightened. One must cleanse a wound before the healing process can begin. Also is there any other info that you can tell us veerji?
        Waheguru ji ka khalsa whaeguru ji ki fateh

      • Waheguru ji ka khalsa whaeguru ji ki fateh

        I don’t know when it will happen. all i can really say is that I’ve heard that it will be a difficult time, more difficult than many can imagine. I have heard that the area around Anandpur Sahib will be safe. As for the movement between ages, people will define things in different ways. but just as those who forecast the future can be wrong, so too can the use of these ages as a means for understanding be off, b/c the future is not entirely set. the raj is not necessarily coming after this period of awakening.

  6. I think that the time limit should be near 2016.

  7. Gursikh Pyario, what are your thoughts now? its 2015, do you still see any of this happening?

    • The manner that events will happen and the time of their occurance is not set. But this much is true, no person, or collective, can escape their karma. They may evade it for awhile b/c of the immense compassion of the saints who pray for their wellbeing, but if the store of paap is big enough, they will not escape it.
      Only God knows God’s plans, and those Gurmukhs who God shares his plans with generally stay gupt

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