New links added

Gursikhi and Gurmat Khajana blogs have been added to the blogroll. Both blogs feature English translations of katha and/or dharmic granths. Some very very deep knowledge at both sites.

Also had to change the blog theme, the old theme wasn’t displaying Gurmukhi properly.


2 responses to “New links added

  1. how can i attain stage by doing siman?

    • if you keep doing simran + seva + satsangat + ardass then maharaj will do kirpa and bit by bit you will advance. Read Gurbani and try to understand what is said, then try to follow those teachings in daily life. Try to do sangat with the spiritually advanced souls as well, especially with sants. The main thing is that this game is not a matter of techniques or secret knowledge, it is a matter of perseverance in Gurmat, bit by bit, day by day that adds up over time. In all honesty, you can win immediately if you totally give yourself. But that is rare, for most, it’s a matter of going forward step by step.

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