Defenders of Freedom – Anniversary of Operation Bluestar Attacks part 2

''Death is Imminent, there is no option against Death, you cannot stop it, what is in your hands is how you wish to die. Either you can live as a slave and die an honour-less death, or you can die like a hero on the battlefield fighting for your Dharam, it's in your hands. You have the option with you Khalsa ji! - Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa, addressing Jatha of 50 Hazoori Sikhs who came to fight in Bluestar

June 3, 1984

Santji’s message on 3rd June regarding the Damdami Taksal-“This is Taksal of Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj and He’ll bless it.If any untoward incident happens and testing times come,Baba Thakur Singh ji will be responsible for managing Taksal and guiding Sikh Sangat.Listen to what he says and have faith in his words. Stay united and work for Charhdi kala of Panth.”

June 4, 1984

4.15 am. Operation Bluestar (codename for Sant Jarnail Singh ji due to his Blue Dastaar) starts and bombs from Artillery guns and howitzer guns hit Guru Ramdas Langar’s roof, the Water Tank and Bunga Raamgarhia. Singhs defend these positions under command of Baba Thaara Singh ji, they fight back but attain shaheedi after being blown up by deadly bombing. Battle rages outside the Parikarma!

Baba Thaara Singh ji was on the Langar hall roof when the defenses were pounded with Artillery bombs. The Singhs defending these positions were Shaheed after a fight of 2 hours as singhs only had  guns. The Water tank also had defence positions but they were blown apart and 8 singhs guarding that morcha also got Shaheed. Baba Thaara Singh ji got injured and refused to be moved, but Singhs picked him up and brought him to the Parikarma where he took up his gun and sat at defence near Dukh-bhanjani beri. Despite being injured he fought the whole day and whole night and attained shaheedi at Amrit vela of 5th june.

As the day of 4th june passed, fierce battles raged between the Indian Army and Khalsa fauj led by Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji. 85 singhs gave Shaheedi fighting the army during the daytime, but Army remained unable  to enter the Parikarma of Darbar Sahib. General Brar, who had claimed he would finish the operation in two hours and have breakfast with Indira Gandhi in Delhi, was still chewing his nails in the Army control room.

The army was unable to break through the defence positions of Khalsa fauj defending Darbar Sahib’s entrance even after trying the whole day. They used every method, from pounding Khalsa positions with Artillery guns to using rockets and mortars, but were not able to enter Parikarma of Darbar Sahib. Hundreds of invaders died and also 85 Jhujharoo Singhs, who were guarding Ramgarhia Bunga, Langar roof, and Water Tank, as these were easy targets for the Army being at high altitude. Still, Singhs inside parikarma, Baba Atal Gurudwara, Akaal Takhat sahib, and at 4 gates of parikarma gave a determined resistance, despite the lack of food and water. The water supply had been cut and the water tank demolished. Sangat was thirsty and hungry, but there was no water to drink! Hundereds of Sangat,incuding women and small childern were killed by invading Army.

June 5, 1984

Shaheed Bhai sahib Bhai Jageer Singh ji, Elder Brother of Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji,who attained Shaheedi on Evening of 5th June.

Operation Woodrose is unleashed in Rural punjab (specially the Majha area). The aim was to kill every Amritdhari Sikh between age 15-35,who was wearing Blue,Black,White, and Kesri Dastar (the traditional Sikh colours). 30,000 Sikhs gather at village Golewal near Amritsar to defend Darbar Sahib. Over 20,000 gather at Mehta Chowk,but are fired upon by helicopter gunships and Tanks. Thousands attain Shaheedi.

June 6, 1984

Indian army used Main Battle Tanks, Howitzer Guns, and chemical weapons (banned by the UN) to break through defences of Jhujhaaro Singhs and enter the Parkarma. Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib was bombed and demolished. 220 Saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were engulfed in flames. 360 bullets pierced the wall of Darbar sahib. 350 Sikh warriors,including Bhai Amrik Singh ji, Baba Thaara Singh, Bhai Subheg Singh, and Bhai Jageer Singh attained Shaheedi.

Around 7000 innocent Sikh pilgrims, including women, children, and the elderly, were killed. Every Sikh youth found alive in or out of the parikarma was Shot dead. Even Little babies were not spared and killed.

Virtually the whole jatha of Damdami Taksal got Shaheed in this battle. Around 350 Singhs of Taksal laid down their lives fighting the enemy. Only a handful of senior singhs of the Taksal sent out by Sant ji survived, only for many of them to be martyred in the Movement which began afterwards.
50 Hazoori Sikhs, some Singhs from Dal Baba Bidhichand, and 12 singhs from Langar sahib Jatha (hazoor sahib) laid down their lives defending Darbar Sahib.

Parnaam Saheeda Nu!

June 7, 1984

About 100 vidyarthis from Damdami Taksal are arrested and brought in Parkarma of Darbar Sahib.They are made to line up in front of Firing squad of Army and Brar asks them,’ Do you want khalistan like your Bhindranwala’? One of the Bhujangi gives out loud Jaikaara ‘ Bole So Nihaal’ and others respond with ‘Sat …Sri Akaaaall’!Brar,getting his answer,orders to Fire and within minutes, 100 bhujangis are martyred!

The Brave Hindu brother, Bhai Dula Singh,who joined Khalsa fauj of Baba Jarnail Singh ji and became a Shaheed fighting for defense of Darbar Sahib in Operation Bluestar.He was just 17 that time. He had a Blue Gol Dastar on his head during the Battle.He was given this name by Santji! Dula means 'Beloved So

The Brave Sister,Bibi Paramjeet Kaur, who sacrificed her life for Guru,fighting alongside her brothe

The Hindu Brahmin brother,Hardev Singh(Bhola Pandit) who sacrificed his life fighting for defence of Darbar sahib alongside Khalsa fauj

Out of 175 SGPC members, Bhai Sujan Singh was the only one who fought alongside Santji and died fighting enemies. Jathedar Bagga Singh ji, who was an SGPC exec member, also gave his life helping Sangat escape from the complex.

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