Tandahi – nutritional support

This is a recipe for a drink that provides nutritional support for those who do lots of brainwork, such as students and serious meditators. The drink also can help if someone has a nose that runs whenever it is cold. Sometimes people meditate a lot but still have problems with concentration. In SOME cases this is due to an underlying nutritional deficit, and this drink can provide the nutrients to fix this concentration problem over time, when taken every day. The recipe was given to dass by Giani Thakur Singh ji

-soak almonds for minumum several hours and then peel the skin.

-grind almonds (after wiping dry) and charay mugaj and couscous (poppy seeds) in a coffee grinder, or crush them using mortar and pestle. I use about equal amounts of each b/c I’m not sure what is the best ratio to use.

-Also take whole grains of unground black pepper, grind them. You don’t need too much black pepper.

-Add all ingredients to milk in pot, also add micerey (crystallized sugar you get from indian stores, not regular sugar). Bring milk slowly to a boil.

update: This should make cleanup easier

update: This also helps with those who suffer from the effects of indulging in kaam (lust) too much. Cease and heal your body with proper nutritional support!

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