Bhai Gurmukh Singh Aurdeesa

The Life of Gurmukh Singh Aurdeesa

Gurmukh Singh Aurdeesa, was by birth a Hindu and born into a poor Hindu family. Coming from a poor family he was made at an early age to leave home in search of work and moved around before settling down in Calcutta.

Due to good deeds in his past lives Gurmukh Singh would visit various Gurdwara Sahibs and with utmost devotion and love do Seva in the Langar of washing the dirty pots and pans. It was with such good Karm that Gurmukh Singh found Sangat of many famous sadhus and saints. It was this same good Karm that brought Gurmukh Singh into the sangat where he heard the glorious praises of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji recited by such holy Sikh Saints as those of Sant Baba Ajaib Singh Ji, and learned of Gurmat and the Gurmat way from the spiritually uplifting dharna Kirtan and Katha of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji (Rara Sahib).

The darshan and sangat of such great Sikh Mahpursh (Saints) led, Gurmukh Singhus mind to be filled with Gurmat and Gursikhi thoughts. Even while being Hindu, Gurmukh Singh started to keep his Kes (hair) and started to lead a life in accordance with Gurmat.

Everyday after spending a laborious day at work in the factory Gurmukh Singh would come and devote whatever time he had, to the service of the Sangat at the Gurdwara Sahib. Only after spending countless hours lovingly washing and cleaning dirty dishes, in the service of the holy Sangat of the Guru would Gurmukh Singh feel content and at peace and feel all his desires fulfilled. Such satisfaction is told of in Sri Rahiraas Sahib (evening prayer),

Jin Har Sevaiya Tin Mukh Paiya ||
Those who serve You find peace.

Upon the request of Sangat, Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa and jatha visited Calcutta. On arrival Sri Akhand Paht Sahib paths where started at Gurdwara Sahib Jugat Sudaar. Kirtan and Katha darbaars where also organized and done on behalf of the Jatha.

During Katha, vadiyaartis (students) would sit and have Sri Pothi Sahibs open and follow along as Mahpursh did Katha. Listening to the Katha of Mahpursh and seeing the love and devotion all the students had for Gurbani, topped it off for Gurmukh Singh and his mind now wanted nothing more but to learn more about Gurbani and Gurmat and he craved for nothing more but to take Amrit and join the Khalsa fold.

When the seed of the karma of past actions sprouted, I met the Lord; He is both the Enjoyer and the Renunciate.
My darkness was dispelled when I met the Lord. O Nanak, after being asleep for countless incarnations, I have awakened.
-(Raag Gauree, Ang 204)

Gurmukh Singh wanting to do darshan of Mahpursh (Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa) went up to Mahpursh when they where not holding a diwan and with folded hands went to bow his head at the feet of Mahpursh, when Mahpursh stopped him and said,

Hey Premia (Lover of the Guru) !! You should only bow your head to Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Instead you should meet me with folded hands and say, VAHEGURU JE KA KHALSA, VAHEGURU JE KE FATEH !

Some nearby Singhs who where friends of Gurmukh Singh and knew of his hearts desires then said out loud,

Mahpurkho, this premi is from a Hindu family, but today after hearing your Katha his heart has been set to join with you and the Jatha and learn more about Gurmat and be trained in reading of Gurbani. He does tremendous amounts of Seva and the sangat here loves him dearly.

Sant Mahpursh then replied,
“First this premi should take Amrit and be on the path of the Guru. Then he must abide by the conditions set for all Singhs who wish to be part of the Jatha. If he is willing then he can come and be trained in Gurmat.

Hearing this Gurmukh Singh was extremely pleased with being able to take Amrit and join the Guru’s Fauj (army), and have the privilege to learn Gurmat vidyia from the Jatha. In the following days an Amrit Sinchaar was organized and Gurmukh Singh took Amrit from the punj pyarai (five beloved) who then changed and kept his name as Gurmukh Singh.

That evening when Gurmukh Singh met with Mahpursh Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, Mahpursh called for Giani Pritam Singh Ji and told them,

“This premi (Gurmukh Singh) was born into a Hindu family, but today he has taken Amrit from the Punj Pyarai who have bestowed upon him the name of Gurmukh Singh. He has a deep interest in learning Sikhiya from the Jatha. Let it be known that he is now with the Jatha. Not only is he a gurmukh but that is also his name.

Baba Lohara Singh Ji was also sitting close by, and mahpursh called to them and instructed them as such,
Lohara Singh Ji, this Singh has studied in a Hindu school and can read and understand Hindi. He can also read Gurmukhi. Sit with him and help him get started on his schooling in Gurbani.”

Then on behalf of Baba Loharaa Singh Ji, Bhai Kartaar Singh Ji “premi” & Bhai Kishan Singh Ji, Gurmukh Singh learned the proper ucharan of Gurbani and in no time became an Akhand Pathi, and quickly memorized his Nitnem and other banian.

Although many students would further there gyian in such areas as Katha or Kirtan, Gurmukh Singh instead preferred to do Seva in the Langar where he would prepare the dough, start the fires, prepare roti, wash the dirty dishes, distribute the langar alongside any other duties that needed doing. However no matter what task Gurmukh Singh took on, he did it with full enthusiasm and with great amounts of devotion and love, while always remaining humble.

Whenever Mahpursh where physically ill or tired Gurmukh Singh would help take care of them. In the summer times, Gurmukh Singh would take on the Seva of fanning sangat and spent much time in the Seva of Mahpursh.

During Amrit Vela, Gurmukh Singh would recite Sri Sukhmani Sahib for the older Singhs, and for the Singhs who where preparing Langar. Regardless of whatever else was going on, Gurmukh Singh would always complete his Nitnem and never tire or get sloppy while doing Seva.

No matter what the situation Gurmukh would never act lazy and Mahpursh respected and held Gurmukh Singh in high esteem for the amount of Simran, & Seva that he did and with the love and respect he would show to all those around him while doing it.

-From Sikhawareness


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