Advice on Bhagti From Guru Angad Dev Jee

Guru Anagd Dev jee spoke very little. He would come to Sangat and give advice or explain bani and succinctly express Gurmat in short saloks.

On Wealth

Guru Sahib used to say that one who has recognised that the world is only temporary will not spend all his effort on gathering wealth.

ijnI clxu jwixAw sy ikau krih ivQwr ]
clx swr n jwxnI kwj svwrxhwr ]1]

Guru Sahib told his Sikhs that a truly successful person was not one with the most wealth. If they can see that a human comes with nothing and leaves with nothing, why would they spend all their time on collecting money? Such money-hungry people are driven by worldly praise and seek wealth to get it. Guru Sahib told his Sikhs to forget all worldly praise and greatness.

nwnk dunIAw kIAW vifAweIAW AgI syqI jwil ]
eynI jlIeIN nwmu ivswirAw iek n clIAw nwil ]2]

Guru Sahib used to tell the Sangat not to be influenced by the rich as well. To please them, it is not necessary to humble or lower yourself. Doing this increases fear and powerlessness. Vahiguru showers his blessings on all. The rich and powerful are also just ordinary humans. When the call of death comes, their wealth will not help them stay here or extend their life.

ijn@w cIrI clxw hiQ iqn@w ikCu nwih ]
swihb kw Purmwxu hoie auTI krlY pwih ]

Work is important but when doing this, it is important to not let ego enter the mind. It is important to do simran and sing shabads when working. With simran, the individual becomes so calm and stable that no worldly problem can shake him.

There is no greater education than being immersed in Naam. Leaving this and looking towards any other support or sustenance brings only pain. Those who mock the path of Bhagti are showing their own ignorance and idiocy.

Helping Others a Great Virtue

Guru Angad Dev jee used to say that helping others is a great virtue. There are three ways this can be done:

1) Whatever wealth or possessions you have should be shared with others. Do not waste what you have on pointless things like showing off to others. Share what you have with the poor and those engaged in Bhagti.

2) It is also a virtue to use your body to help others. Serving others prevents ego. Helping others with humility and sweetness.

3) To use the tongue to give knowledge and encouragement about the Guru and Naam is the third important way of helping others.

Guru Angad Dev Jee’s Advice on Bhagti

Guru Angad Dev jee explained that at first when one begins bhagti, it may be very difficult because it feels as if the relationship is very one-sided. We may not feel the love of Vahiguru. During this stage, there are nine things one should do:

1) Listen to Bani with faith

2) Do kirtan ones’ self

3) Not to waste time without naam. Do simran with every breath. Do not spend time on fruitless activity.

4) Put one’s consciousness at the feet of the Guru. Serve the Sangat with dedication

5) Have a giving attitude and forsake the desire to take and seize. Give what you have and feel good about it. Desire Good for others.

6) Go to the Dharamshala (Gurdwara) to listen and also to do humble seva.

7) Consider yourself to be a slave of Vahiguru. Consider everything you have as his and his gift to you.

8) Know Vahiguru to be your friend. Believe that your friend will never want to harm you. Whatever He does will be for your benefit.

9) Submit your everything to Vahiguru. Even make yourself a sacrifice and have no attachment to anything.

When these become a part of your life, you will feel Divine Love. Everything will seem like it is bloom. You will fee waves of love. You will be in the world but rise above it like the lotus.

The Bhagat’s face will glow red by drinking the nectar and will feel Vahiguru’s blessings constantly fall to him.

Vahiguru himself will complete the Bhagat’s tasks so that he is not distracted from the true goal.

from, Taken from Kudrati Noor by Pr. Satbir Singh
Translated by Tapoban admin


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