More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 8

– Is it a requirement to do simran with rasna (japping naam with tongue) at first stage?

– Diff. btw dhib dhrishti and dasam dwar? What happens when dasam dwar

– what is partakh darshan?

– what is naam dhan?

– how to reach stage of ajaapa jaap (when simran occurs automatically)?

– what is sukh nindra, samedhi? How to overcome obstacle of sukh nindra?

– what does it mean to be dead while still alive?

– how can we best absorb gurmat and put into practice?

– is it ok to do ardass to soul b/c soul is one with god?

– what are seven stages of gian?

– is it ok to eat from sehajdhari sikhs, or only gursikhs ok?

– how can we avoid loss of naam kamai?

– vichaar on shabad “sant ki marag dharm ki pauri”?

– If some sort of praapti is not written for us in our karms, can we still obtain this praapti in this janam?

– Do we still need shastar vidya, as in modern times we have modern weaponry such as guns?

– Baba Attar Singh ji Mastauna did bhagti for one year without eating, how is this possible?

– Must we have bhramgian to be free from taking rebirth (jivanmukti) ?

– Did Baba Nand Singh ji really say that one gets greater Naam kamai when staying awake the whole night before pooranmashi doing Abhyaas?

– Do shaheeds get mukti?

– Are there such paaps that cannot be erased?

– How big a paap is suicide?

– If we do ardass for someone’s rakhya, to help someone deal with illness etc., does it put the weight on our heads? Does it eat up our Naam kamai?

Here are the answers:

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Message to Sikh youth:

This is the final part. I hope everyone enjoy listening to baba jagjit singh vichar on these questions, these audio files have no copyright, any premis who wishes to put them on their site, surely can. As Gurbani say- bhramgyani di drisht amrit barsi || similiarly these veechar is one form of rain of amrit reaches out to everyone with no dvaish.


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  1. this link is broken can you please send me another link i really want to know! WJKK WJKF

  2. links updated

  3. Dear Author !
    I join told all above.

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