More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 7

part 7:


– some people think when this jev get bedah mukht avastha or merge with
vahiguroo even then atma of this jev have some kind of paichaan?

– in gurbani there are bachans of how this sansar is mithiya but also
there are bachans of bhram eveywhere in this sansar.

– many sant bhramgyanis in past realse their body via smadhi, some
extreme pain or agony…can we distinguish them saying one had parlabdh
karam and another didnt had pralabdh karam?

-how does four khands related to avastha of this jev?

– concept of dasvand?

– Deep vichaar on haumai, it’s relationship with mun (inc panj chor)
and atma, methods to reduce it etc…

– To do vichaar on Raagmala.

– In japji sahib there is bachan of maharaj that there are countless
khaniya but sri dasam granth sahib talks about four types of khaaniya?

– vichar on ik ongkar?

Here are the answers:

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