More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 6

6th part:
– is there any difference between advait vedant and gurmat? some people say advait vedant is against prema bhagti towards vahiguroo because its upasana of one atma. Is Aham Bhramasami maha vak according to gurmat? any gurbani reference support this school of thought?

– If other dharamis, person can get to bedah mukht avastha or get to sachkhand, what was point of sri guru nanak dev ji bringing gursikhi and forming khalsa panth tisra panth?

– Various avtars existed before in pichale yugs ie- vasudev, ram chandar ji, krishan maharaj, sri guru nanak dev ji was pargat in kalyug. If gurbani accepts all the previous avtars and their panth being valid, therefore any premi who follows their mat fully can get mukhti doesnt this make sikhi snatan dharam like shaivism instead of tisra panth? what is it mean when sri guru gobind singh ji himself said in bachitar natak. Sri Akaal Purkh sent me to this world to create the panth?

– Gurbani existed before Guru Nanak, that means Gurmukhs existed before Guru Nanak, they are not his creation. Does that mean Sikhi gurmat marg is another samparda like Shaivism? and continuation of Sanathan Dharama (Eternal law from beginning)?

– Usually in sakhiya there is a sakhi of baba sri chand maharaj/Lakhmi Chand did not listen to sri guru nanak dev ji patsah hakums? and still got bhramgyan, does that mean bhramgyan is attainable outside sri guru nanak dev ji sikhi marg?

– When this jev get darshan of sargun guru maharaj saroop, after the darshan does that mean they get bedah mukht avastha?

– – can sikhs listen to sufi qwali which are sung in memory of allah or murshids?

– – The benefit (or not) of Akhand Paath culture – where 99% of those who pay for them to be done, turn up to to the start and the bhog, and think they will in someway be blessed. Does baba Ji feel that Sehaj Paath or Sudhaaran Paath is more beneifical to the parvaar and sangat as they can actually sit down and listen to it all?

– Can we do sargun dhiyan of sri guru nanak dev ji saroop? some people call this as baut pooja?

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