More Teachings from Sant Attar Singh ji

  • Testing a sant is a sin.
  • Honestly earned food has a beneficial effect on this spiritual path.
  • –> Das has learned that children who eat food earned by honest means grow up to be more honest, while those who eat from dishonest methods are more inclined towards dishonesty.
  • The body is not the Guru. The Shabad is the Guru and always has been. The attention (surti) is the disciple.
  • Despite having vast sums of money from rich persons and raja’s, Sant ji used donations from all people. Honestly donated maya that is used for seva gives spiritual uplift to all people who donate.
  • The effect of Amrit remains within the body of the Sikh for seven janams.
  • To accept Khande Batte da Amrit is not enough to make a person  Khalsa, one must become God conscious. Until then, one is a mere candidate for becoming a true Khalsa.
  • —> “Atam Ras Jeh Janhi So Hai Khals Dev, Prabh Mein Mo Mein Taas Mein Ranchak Naahin Bhave”
  • Examination of the spiritual science is when a person showers hundreds of abuses on an individual, and that person passes with a cool serene mind free of irritation or hatred.
  • The Guru helps the sikh in the same manner as a mother with her child. If a child weeps and wails to follow his own mind, the child feels apprehensive. But if a child holds on to his mother’s finger, than the mother catches hold of the child and shows love. Similarly, by holding on to the Satguru’s hand, the Guru takes us into his fold.
  • Spiritually advanced persons show the way on this path, similar to indicators at sea that warn the crossing ship of rocks and reefs, they indicate dangers so that the person on the path can avoid whirlpools of ego, lust etc. However, the individual must put the teachings into practice for themselves.
  • The leader of the Khalsa Panth needs 3 virtues: (i) Bravery, such that he follows through on his words and teachings; (ii) patience, like the earth such that the earth remains unperturbed even if someone digs into it; (iii) Depth of mind, such that internal feelings are made known only to deserving persons and even then, only to the extent desired.

From ‘Jeevan of Sant Attar Singh (Mastuana Wale)’


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