More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 5

5th part:

– is atamanand partibimbh(reflection) of atma?

– is bhramgyani mahapursh is always in atamgyan avastha even when they talking to regular people?

– There are three types of mahapursh. Daane, divane, mastane..are their internal avastha is same? Some premis criticize mastane mahapursh for not keeping 5 kakari rehit. Please shed some light on this.

– Bachan of maharaj: raj karega khalsa akai rahe no koi ,in this bachan is khalsa referred to one and only amritdhari khalsa, or khalsa as in bhramgyani regardless of any dharam ?

– all the bhagats which were included in sri guru granth sahib..were they all upasak of sargun saroop of vahiguroo ie- ram chandar ji, krishan maharaj or nirgun shabad upasak?

– What is the status/avastha of shaheed singh?, are they equivalent to christian version of angels or hindu version of devi devtas?

– In gurbani shabad mantar ie – gurmantar/mool mantar are they nirgun form or sargun form of vahiguru?

– is gurmat turiya avastha higher buddhist nirvana pad ?

– In gurbani, is there more upma of nirgun or sargun?


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