More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 4

part 4:

-How should one do analysis or vichaar on rehitnamas? There are some contents in rehitnamas which are not gurmat for example in prem sumarg granth. Turk can only initiate into khalsa when he/she eats soor(pork).

– There is a big division between monay veers and amritdhari sikhs? some amritdhari sikhs doesnt even interact with monay because they think they get their bibek broken or some amritdhari sikhs in camp use guilt trips(bhandi parchar) on monay to get them into the panth. Please share your views on this?

– is gyan(bodh)marg necessary to merge with vahiguroo or one can also merge with vahiguroo by doing nishkam seva and simran.

– some people who prefer vikayaran to translate gurbani beleive that if we don’t interpret bani ie satguru pad arth, sant being guru sahib into one meaning then we are open to attacks of anti sikh forces using gurbani.

– some people divide sant pad in gurbani in two parts..they beleive sant pad upma in sukhmani sahib is referred to sri guru ram das ji…sant is avastha in gurbani ref to human but cannot be praised. True sant never let others bow down..they give example of baba karak singh having stick and sant jarnail singh didnt let others to matha taik?

– when gurbani gives updesh, its usually believed and its given to three types of people. Please share those three categories.

– What actually is maryada for darbar sahib before singh sabha lehar?

– In darbar before sgpc.. muslims rababi were allowed to do kirtan? How come they were removed? Also on that note, can non amritdhari can do kirtan in takth sahiban darbar? can non amritdhari can do kirtan in regular gurdwara sahib?

– What is status of baba sri chand maharaj in gurmat..difference between udasi marg and gurmat.

– Some people call arti arta at hazoor sahib an bhamanvaad/bhoot pooja an hindu ritual? whats your views on that?

– How come female bhramgyanis in the panth are not as transparent as male bhramgyanis?

– Please shed some light on birth of guru avtar an bhramgyanis?

– Please shed some light on theory of karam aligns with hakum rajie chalna?

– Can one merge with parbhram only after pralabdh karam ?

– Difference between atam anand, yog anand, dasam dvara anand?

Here are the answers:

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