More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 3

– Vikayaran arth for satguru, sant.
-Samparda of sikh panth and their history
– sehaj avastha and nirvkalap samadhi
– is there yog kriya to stop kam vashna?
-Gristh marg ucha ja behingum marg
-Sehaj samadh and nirvakalp smadh.
Sri guru granth sahib ji, sri dasam granth sahib ji, sri sarbloh granth da tat nichor gyan.
-sri akal ustat/gyan probdh..questions and answers in sri akaal ustat and sri gyan probdh.
– gurbani existed before 1469…? Mira bhai rachna in kartarpur bir?
– updesh to new generation who are going towards katarvaad and shariavaad

Here is the audio:

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