More Q&A with Sant Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal wale part 1

These questions cover all sorts of different subjects. Some are quite advanced, while others are more basic. Everyone can find something of use from this question series.

1. Avtarvaad tai gurmat naal ki sanbhand?
2. According to vikayaran, some people claim that sant word is either only used for vahiguroo or guru sahiban or sadhsangat, but its not used for one personality other than guru sahib.?
3.veechar on parkash of sri dasm granth side by side with sri guru granth sahib ji.
4. importance of nagar kirtan in the panth.
5. importance of five takths in the panth and authority of five jathedars of five takhts in the panth.
6. Veechar on satguru phrase in gurbani? is it only used for guru sahiban or bhagat’s guru as well? are krishan maharaj ram chandar maharaj referred to satguru within in their own jugs in gurbani/bhai gurdas ji varan?
7. veechar on nanakshahi calender
8. According to Bhagat Bani Ithihaas , giani ditt singh claim that all the bhagats took gurmat naam from sri guru nanak dev ji and were mukht by sri guru nanak dev ji instead of their own gurdev’s ?
9. Gurmat vich avtara da ki vichar hai- krishan maharaj, ram chandar ji? ehna di gatti ki ha?
10. Which form is shud roop when we do vikhaiya of gurbani? vikayaran/uthanka/adayamic arth?
11. Ki Panj baniyas is enough to get mukhti?
12. what is shariat? what is tariqat? what is marfat? what is hikakat in gurmat?
13. If someone works until night time, can one sleep after doing patt at amritvela?
14. Word “amrit” in gurbani ? does it have multiple meanings? charan amrit? khanda da amrit? naam amrit? puratan samoparda’s like- udasi, sevapanthis they take charan amrit, are they not sikhs?

right click on the link below and save target as:

2nd segement on spirituality/adhyatam coming shortly!!.. stay tuned.

note that the Recording didn’t come out perfect.. some of the answers by baba ji was skipped by recorded because vas system in the recorder (voice activated system). Note that All the other recordings in the series are perfectly clear!!!


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