Japji Sahib Vichaar Sagar part 8 & 9

tape 8 out of 81

Sidhas asked, why there was need for karta purkh, mantar could have ended up like ikongkar satnam. Guru ji replied, naam akhar can be also referred to deh dari in the society..everyone has a name…people would have abused mantar that was given by akaal purkh to me by attaching naam akhar to this mortal being.

Gyani ji added to guru ji notion and gave modern time example to reinforce guru ji’s point- how sarsaie waley used gurbani as their propaganda in gurbani there is mention of this tuk- Sant Sajan bhaie Sarsaie Poora Gur Taie Jani ||.

Sarsia mat (school of thought) spread misinformation that saints only born in sarsaie(area) and in their mat.

Guru ji said just to avoid confusion of people and telling this world that satnam i have recited it’s not for any mortal being, it’s an attribute belongs to Akaal Purkh and reinforce that point karta was added to the mantar because he is creator of this universe. Sidhas agreed with Guru ji and said now we understood but now please you tell us why there was a need to add purkh with karta? Guru ji said, if i were to say akhar karta then more emphasis could have put on karta(creator)- people could have interperted in various ways ie- creator of gold, creator of pots, creator of shastra.. then everyone would have used the word “i am karta” ” i m a karta”. .. these karta’s (creation out of man made) are temporal…that’s why i have used purkh (pooran/enlightner) so to avoid confusion and misinterperation of word karta which can be referred in the context of man made creation.

Aeho Jag Sach Ki Hai Khotri Sachaie Ka Vich Vas ||

Wordly karta’s(creators) for example if they made gold..creator is not in the gold however when we look at vahiguroo(creator of this universe).. he the creator exist in his creation as well.

Sidhas were satisfied with guru ji’s explanation, however they went further and said – if a person recites- Ikongkar satnaam kartapukh everyday, wouldn’t that person can acheive salvation. Guru ji smiled and said- even meditation of ikongkar is enough to get bhramgyan..however, guru ji stressed on mantar had to be completed(sampuranta) according to akaal purkh hakum. Guru ji said, if i were to end the full mantar from ikongkar to karta purkh. There is Sankhia mat(school of thought) considers a mortal being (jev) to be Purkh. They would have used their means to misinterperate mantar and claimed that I have supported their school of thought.

They consider mortal being jev who is made of 24 tat vadi(elements) – 5 gyan indrai’s/5 senses, 5 karam indrai, 5 asthol (tat)elements, 5 sukhsaum(subtle) elements, man(mind), tridha , ahankar, mani tat and pardan is equal to 24 elements which human is made of. 25th element is jev atma(soul). They consider jev atma to be akaal purkh which is not correct. Jev atma is not paratma(supreme soul) because of antish karan(acculmations of thoughts, desires, karmas).

Gyani further stressed, when jiv atma has to face death(kaal) and be in fear. Jiv atma(individualstic soul) screams in pain. Then how jev atma this mortal being can be purkh. A person who is feared cannot be purkh(paratma) because he is bhau(fear) not Nirbhau.

Guru ji said, that’s why i had to add Nirbhau after karta purkh because only god is free from fear.

Sidhas were satisfied, and further asked why there was a need of addition of nirvair- Guru ji replied by giving example of harnakash. When he came in this world. He started claiming – Jalaie Harnakash, Thalie Harnakash (I am god), that i m not fear from anyone. People thought of him as a God however he didn’t have all god’s(sargun) attributes in him only he claimed he was nirbhau, Nirvair and that was not enough. Guru ji then gave another example of ravan. Even he claimed to be fearless(Nirbhau) by getting occult powers. These people on top of that, they start being rebellion against god’s creation like for example- if someone didn’t them worship they would be their enemy. Now if they were enemy, how could they have nirvair(without hate) attribute in them which is opposite to Vair(dushmani).

Sidhas were satisfied with Guru ji explanation but asked mantar could have ended until Nirvair. Why there was need for “akaal” ??

Guru ji said, listen saints (sant/mahatamas) can have nirbhau/nirvair attributes because of high enlighten visions towards creation.

Shastar Thikhan Kat Daraio Mannai Kino Rous ||
Meaning: If anyone chops saints body or kill them, they don’t blame anyone.

They say- This person came in will of god. They consider enemy as their owns.

They consider creation as vahiguroo’s creation. They don’t have vair(rebellion nature) against anyone.

However guru ji said, even saints, guru’s have to go from this world. Death takes them. But there is a difference between holy person going and normal person going just how cat(death) treats her kitten ie- pick them up and nourish them nicely but with the same teeeth how she tears apart her haunt. Guru’s/saints are nirvair but they are not akaal (timeless) because they have to go one day, even their physical being ( made of 5 main elements) has to face death.

That’s why i have written Akaal because free from death(kaal) can only be akaal purkh.

tape 9 out of 81.

Sidhas asked, why there was a need to add morat, mantar could have ended up at Ikongkar to Akaal?

Guru ji replied, according to kaal vadi vishaikekh matt. They consider kaal(past, present,further/death) to be Akaaal. If moorat wouldn’t be attached with akaal then this school of thought would have accused me to use their akhar and would have misinterpertated.

According to vaikhyaran- Moraat can be also said as Amoorat be- free from morat and it’s timeless. Kaal which they(vishaikekh matt) consider akaal(god) concepts get debunked when whole bhramand(realms) get destroyed.

Siri guru gobind singh ji mentions in dasam guru granth:

Kalan Ko Kaal, Maha Kalan Ko Kaal hai ||

Guru Ji, further said there was need for moorat/amorat because when vahiguroo creates subtle elements and still havent created 5 asthohol tats(elements). Point where god creates 5 subtle elements before 5 subtle elements and 5 asthohol elements have merged that point you guys have consider consider Akaal. That’s why i have added Moraat/Amoorat because akaal is free from time, space, point, birth, death.

Sidhas were satisfied and further asked, why there was a need of “Ajooni”?? Mantar should have ended from ikongkar to akaal morat?

Guru ji replied, the reason there was need to add ajooni because according to kayka mat(school of thought) who consider moorat to be anu(molecules) and cannot be seen but yogis with their surati(higher consciousness) can see such molecules replicating from which whole universe is made.

Guru ji said, even if such molecules are consider moorat then they still take birth because of their vary nature of replication.

So if i would have ended up mantar until moorat then people would have been confused and more emphasis were drawn to moraat which according to kayak school of thought is molecule and according to other school of thoughts, they don’t beleive in god they only beleive whole universe is made of molecules.

Guru Ji said, that’s why I had to add further and link moraat with ajooni so mantar stays firmly at vahiguroo not get carried away elsewhere.

Sidhas were satisfied and further asked, why there was a need of “Saihbhangh”??

Mantar should have ended from ikongkar to saihbhangh?

Guru ji replied, ajooni (does not take birth or die, or be in reincarnation/incarnation). Guru ji asked, do you know when maya took birth ? They said, no we don’t. Guru ji said, maya did not take birth and is also ajanmi( does not take birth or die). That’s why if mantar would have ended in ajoni then people might consider i have referred to maya as ajooni in this context of mantar since maya does not take birth. Maya takes nourishment(light) from Vahiguroo this is called partya parkash. However, Vahiguroo is sutae parkash- the actual source.

Gyani ji gave example – Fans are running, Tubes are running are consider as partya parkash because they are taking parkash(light) from an electric current. When electric current is gone, tubes and fans are shut off. Light tubes itself cannot give light.

Guru ji said, that’s why i had to add- Saihbhangh because maya being ajoooni takes light from an source(God) but it’s not source itself. Vahiguroo itself is sutya parkash. Vahiguroo does not need to take parkash from anybody but maya needs parkash. If Vahiguroo takes away its nourishment(light) given to maya then maya gets destroyed.

Sidhas were satisfied with this answer but further inquired, Why have you added “Gur” Akhar after saihbhangh??

Guru ji replied, gur akhar means chaitan (sabh vayapakh- not existent yet existed everyone ).

There are school of thoughts who considers sun, moon, stars, lightning as saihbhang because of their nature of satuya parkash since sun, moon gives light to this earth by itself. Their intellect is just limited to that and consider sun, moon, stars, lightining as god and start worshipping them as soraj devta, shakti devi being lightning and forgetten about these things are creations of akaal purkh they are just like maya who also gets light from vahiguroo. Vahiguroo whenever wishes can take nourishment back.

To get rid of this doubt(duabta) and this duality of people. I had to use Gur Akhar which means Vahiguroo. Vahiguroo give nourishments to above all these things.

Guru ji said further, i have finished up this mantar with Parsad because Gur akhar was not complete. Parsad means- anand, kirpa(grace). Only with grace(parsad) of true Guru – Knowledge of god can be acquired.

Guru Ji then explained ik, went back to starting point since starting and ending akhars are extremely important in this mantar.

Guru ji explained how end akhar of this mantar is linked with “ik” “ongkar”. He said in this world there are people who misinterpert parsad – anand and start devaluing anand word by using it soo loosely- I felt anand after eating, after resting, after bhog (sexual intercourse). People have consider such things as anand start calling vishey and bhog acts as anand. And there you have yogis who considers spike of bliss when they take their surat(concentration) on upper realms as supreme bliss. But when their surat gets down that spike of bliss(anand). Hence, it’s called yoga anand.

That’s why at starting i had to add ik – bhrama anand(supreme bliss) and also added ongkar to make it as first vak- Ikongkar because Vahiguroo is ik and one is also vahiguroo’s maya. To avoid people drifting away towards maya i have added ongkar and also added- sat is because vahiguroo being truth in three kaals(Treh Kaal).

At this point sidhas after listening to such an lengthy divine discourses and completely being numb to Guru ji responses to their challenges. Sidhas all fell at Guru Ji’s feet.

Dhan Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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