Japji Sahib Vichaar Sagar part 6 & 7

tape 6 out of 81Guru ji explained arth of akaal morat to sidhas since they never heard of it before:

Akaal(God) Moorat(hasti(icon), hound, vajiood).

Akaal Morat is free from all the other moratiya’s- idols, human being because akaal is free of death/birth and is timeless. so therefore akaal morat cannot come under visible mortiya’s(icons).

A means rehat(Free), Kaal means-birth/death. Akaal is free from birth/death and is beyond.

Akaal is rehat(free) from kalpana(imagination).

Akaal also means kalank.

Kalankh Bina Neh Kalki Saroopaie || (Jaap Sahib).

Even though Akaal Morat is free from Morat. Akaal Morat makes mortiya. For like example:

Ika Maie Jugath Vaie Tin Chelae Parvan
Ik Sansari, Ik Bhandari, Ik Laie Divann ||

Tin Chailae- Bhrama, Vishnu, Shiv.

Then Guru Ji explained meaning of “Ajooni Saihbhangh”

Ajooni means akaal purkh is free from joun(reincarnations/incarnations/).

Jin Ae Likhye Tes Sir Nahi
Jiv farmaie Tebh Tebh Bhaie ||

Whosoever does jaap of that ajooni ongkar, also gets this attribute of ajooni in them.

Saihbhangh means ongkar is a lighthouse itself and does not need light from others in fact he gives light to all being.

Saih means- everybody and bhangh means give parkash(light) to everybody.

Ie- Chandar Ma(Moon), Soraj(Sun), Tarie(Stars), Asmni Bijli(Lightning on the sky), and even intellect of being gets parkash (light) from ongkar. Also our sight, ears, sound all gets nourishment(parkash/light) from ongkar.

Gyani further gives example of kohinoor hira(diamond)how it radiants an light in dark naturally without any need of electric mechanisim..ongkar/akaal purkh gives light to everyone without getting light or help from others.

Then Guru explained – “Gur” “Parsad” to sidhas:

Gur means Chaitan saroop(exist everywhere/sarab vaipakh yet non-existent nirgun).

Gu means agyan daie hanraie(darkness because of ignorance) and r/ru means light. Bringing being from darkness to light is called Gur/ru.

Gur akhar derived from Gir Akhar. Gir means Negating. Like for example- Satguru negates sikh’s agyan.

Parsad means anand saroop

Par-S(w)aad is free from swaad, maya, vishaiye and it’s nirlaip.

Parsad that gives whole universe support. Parsad is Grace(Kirpa) from God.

Sidhas asked Guru Ji- how can one acquire ikongkar Satnam Karta Purkh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Morat Ajooni Saihbhangh ??? Guru ji said- by GUR PARSAD.

Sidhas then asked Guru sahib if the mantar – Ikongkar Satnaam Karta Purkh Nibhau Nirvair Akaal Morat Ajooni Saihbhang Gurparsad || has or follow four anubands 1) – Adhakari Anuband 2. Visha Anubhand 3.Paryougan Anuband 4. Sabhand Anuband. ??

If you could please prove us and otherwise we will NOT consider this mantar to be correct.

Guru ji said, mantar has all 4 anubands and will be proven.

Anuband means: Anu(stablity) band( rules followed by puratan granths).

Gyani further talked about sidhas, how they lived in mountains. There were 84 sidhas and were chelas of gorak nath. Gorak Nath himself requested Siri Guru Nanak dev ji to have discussion with his chelas. Gorak Nath shared his greif with guru ji regarding his chelas who they were abusing spiritual powers and became very egoistcal(ahankaris) that they were not even listening to me.


tape- 7 out of 81.Guru ji explained:

Adhakari anuband (Being who can read mool mantar and do seva of siri guru granth sahib). Satnam is adhakari anuband of ikongkar.. Guru ji explained a person who does not forget god 24 hours and does recitation of “Sat Nam” has a right(adhakari) to recite mool mantar.

Adhkari has 4 characteristics, if these characteristics are not present then person is not adhkari/does not have right.

1. Bibek -Recnognizing reality- world is false, god was truth/is truth and will be truth, one that knows one self by negating ignorance is bibek.`

2. Vairaag- God itself is deattached(vairaagi) because there is no maya, in order for person to meet god. That person must also have vairaag – nirlaip from maya(free from materialstic/superfical things).

3. Khat Samti- sam(stoping mind to go all over the place), dham (control 5 senses), sharda (full faith) , samadan (shavdhan/be careful/sit in meditation free from laziness), upram (being turned off from wordly things and sit in meditation), pratikhsa (consider thrist, hunger, happiness, sorrowness as ONE, be in will of god)

4. Moksh Icha- Desire for jevan mukhti(salvation).

Guru ji then explained, visha anuband is “Karta Purkh” after Sat Nam. Karta purkh is our visha anuband. Visha(purpose) of Mool mantar is bring jiv atma closer and united with Vahiguroo.

Vichraie Melaie Parbhu Har Dhargaie Kai Bai Saiet
Har Namio Mantar Dharanga Katae Humai Rog
Nanak Satguru Tina Milaya Jina Dhuraie Paie Sanjog ||

Guru ji went on further and explained- Paryougan Anuband- Nirbhau and Nirvair is Paryuogan Anuband. Nirbhau state is free from birth and death and Nirvair state is reaching Atma. Guru ji said, accomplishing infinite happiness and parmanand(supreme bliss) is paryoagan anuband of mool mantar.

Guru ji then explained – Sabhand Anuband- Akaaal morat and Ajooni Saihbhangh is sabhand anuband. Ajooni is free from reincarnations, Saihbhangh has `parkashak attributes. One can acquire such parkash(light) from vedas, granths. Saihbhangh is pirthpadak(knower of bhram attributes). Akaal is free from time, birth/death and Moorat is hasti is worth knowning is prithpad. Akaal Morat and Ajooni saihbhang are related with each other they are bhod and bhodak where Bhod which means attribute / Bhodak means name, pirthpadak and pirthpad.

Guru ji then said to sidhas all these 4 anubands -1) – Adhakari Anuband 2. Visha Anubhand 3. Sabhand Anuband. 4. Paryougan Anuband that you received in the Sermon cannot be accomplished by Guru Di Kirpa(Grace of True Guru). Thus Mantar ends with “Gurparsad” (grace of true guru).

Sidhas after listening to this sermons- said to guru ji we are not fully satisfied with this sermon. We still have doubts. Guru ji said – without hestitation ask any questions you have regarding this.

Sidhas then told, all the mantars so far had 4 dosh in them . We are wondering if mantar you reciten (Ikongkar Satnam Karta Purkh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Morat Ajoni Saihbhang Gurparsad ||) also has 4 dosh( subtle errors) in it???. Guru ji said – no it does not have those 4 dosh( subtle errors)

Gyani explained what those 4 dosh were:

1. Ativayapti dosh- dosh which has duality.

2. Abhayapti Dosh- Dosh has dual meaning of same word.

3. Asambhav Dosh- Asambhav Dosh means lacking of factual information, information seems completely impossible/untrue.

4. Guravta Dosh- It means something which has been over complimented(upma)/something blown out of proportion.

Sidhas asked Guru ji again if these four things exist in your mantar? Guru ji said- these dosh are not present in the mantar.

Sidhas then asked more questions to guru ji so they can find any subtle errors in guru ji mantar.

Sidhas said, we do understand – Ik which is advait saroop(non-duality) and ongkar is parkashak of every being and god its in nirgun form. You wrote – “Satnam”. According to our school of thought- mantar should have been completed until Ik ongkar Sat why there was a need to add Naam to make it Sat Naam?

Sidhas asked this question to an intention to find 4 faults (dosh) in this and prove guru ji wrong and make guru ji our chela.

Guru ji then replied, if i were to write Ikongkar Sat itself that would have been incomplete like for example if i were to say- this is sweet, this is sweet you will eventually ask me – what is sweet? similarly to make complete sense of mantar- I have added Naam because Naam is parsid(popular) in all the realms.

Sat akhar is also used in different school of thought ie- nayak mat. Nayak Mat consider Sat to be only sky(ether) because it does not get ever destroyed and born out of tamogun. They also consider being to be Sat because of generations kept coming..that’s how world kept surviving. Guru ji said- I wanted to use Sat to describe an attribute of God. But to avoid confusion and also this mat would have over-flattered themselves by telling that i have supported their school of thought by using sat and would have spread misinformation that sat means – sky and being.

Ikgonkar is Sat and its Name is also Sat(truth)


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