Vichaar on the role of Sants in Sikh Dharm part 6

Section VI

Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave us the formula: “Meditate upon the formless God, connect with the Shabad, and seek the glorious sight of the Khalsa.” We need to follow this command thoroughly, with full faith and conviction. We know from the Bani of the Tenth Master that the definition of Khalsa is no different than the definition of a Sant. A Sant in the Sikh Panth today would keep the Rehit prescribed by the tenth Master, would dislike being called a Sant or a Guru, and would never lead the Sikhs away from mainstream Sangat into some eccentric group. These are some important qualities of a perfect Gursikh. Sangat of Guru Khalsa or such perfect Sikhs, and submitting to the Panj Piyare is the foundation of Sikh Panth.

In conclusion, here is an excerpt, from ‘Anmol Bachan’ compiled by Surjit Kaur Gandhi, pp. 54-55. Once Sri Naranjan Singh Ji was asked, what is the definition of a perfect soul? His reply is translated as follows:

“Perfect person is he who has the power to change the circumstances, the direction of events, but does not change because of the circumstances. Brahmgyani’s words are more powerful than millions of soldiers. A Brahmgyani’s word does not go to waste, as Guru Ji says, ‘Sadhu’s word is eternal’ (1204:6). A perfect soul’s command cannot be reversed here nor it can be reversed in heaven. Perfect souls can endure what would be otherwise impossible. They give hints, but do not tell their secrets.

“A Brahmgyani, A perfect person’s eyes sprinkle Amrit. Hearts that have been on fire are pacified. Their vision removes doubts and answers all questions. Their sight is peace giving and the mind comes to rest. Disturbance is replaced with Smadhi, poison is replaced with Amrit, and the tenth gate is opened. Perfect souls teach only Gurmat. They dispel darkness within our mind.

“We must sustain perfect faith. If our faith is deficient then, there can be no knowledge or spiritual light. ‘Those who did not know how to love, fall by the wayside’ (1425:2) Perfect souls know other people’s thoughts. God Himself is present with a perfect soul. This is not a secret. There is no trick involved here. ‘He has placed Himself in the true Guru. This is declared openly’ (466:

“Once, during the Katha of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Sant Ji said that a perfect soul’s feet become spiritually alive. Dead used to wake up after being touched by Baba Amardas Ji’s feet. Perfect beings live in gratitude. Their words are for everyone, in the entire world. Sant Attar Singh Ji used to say that Darshan is governed by the word (obeying the command). Seeing Akaal Purakh is having Darshan of the Guru. ‘Gurmukh is in the Divine Sound and in the Vedas. Gurmukh is all pervading.’ (2:

“Time, space, and causation become nonexistent in the presence of a Perfect soul. ‘My friends are only those, whose mere sight banishes my ignorance’ (520: ‘They are found standing where the accounts are being settled’ (529:3) Such souls weigh every word seriously before uttering it. They are solemn, fathomless, and deep thinkers. They are the Sun of knowledge. Their personality is like the sea. Just as one cannot fathom the sea, one cannot fathom them either. Mahapurush have the experience of Gurmat. ‘He, in whose heart Nirankar has taken residence, the entire world is delivered through his teaching’ (269:9)” ~ End of excerpt

Saints are the only humans that are truly alive in this world. The rest of us make up the bulk of Sikh Panth. Their company enlivens us (e.g., p. 881). Sant is the lifeblood on Panth. God hides Himself in a Sant’s heart (718:11). Guru Ji says, “The sole purpose of a Jan (Sant) coming into this world is that we remember Naam in their company” (295:1).

from Sikhnet forum.

A few points:
Sants do a lot more than just what’s written in this article. Sants are like electricians that connect Sikhs to the powerhouse of the Guru.
-Also, some sants choose to remain gupt, others are pargat which helps them to achieve their mission from waheguru. Being unattached they don’t care if people call them sant.

This is the last article in the series.

I think at this point we should ask ourselves, why is there so much confusion? Why do so many scholars say that sants do not exist?

I think there are two reasons for this:

1) To prevent people from being misled by a fake sant. – This viewpoint shows a lack of sharda on the individual’s part. Fake sants existed during the Guru’s time as well. Recall Sajjan Thag, who masquaraded as a holy man to steal people’s belongings. Nobody has any right to mislead people about Gurmat Marg. Those who do this for another’s “own good” are acting in haumai.

2) To deliberately mislead people as sants teach things that are different from the so called scholar’s own ideology. These “scholars” often use the excuse in number one.

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